Beyond the Bell

Beyond the Bell

Beyond the Bell

Beyond the Bell

Beyond the Bell

For Elementary Students ages 5-10, our Teaching staff provide the after school support you want and need for your child to excel. Our Teaching Staff provides Homework assistance every day. We offer a wide variety of supervised games and activities.

We provide Safe transportation to and from school to most local elementary schools. All children receive a morning and afternoon snack and lunch if they attend school on a part-time basis.

We transport to the following Schools:

Kidz Ink I Serves:

  • Leasure Elementary
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary
  • Family Foundations Academy

Kidz Ink II Serves:

  • Southern Elementary
  • Keene Elementary
  • Wilbur Elementary
  • Oberly Elementary
  • Newark Charter School

Kidz Ink III Serves:

  • William Henry
  • S. Dover Elementary
  • East Dover Elementary
  • Holy Cross

Kidz Ink IV Serves:

  • Thurgood Marshall
  • Wilbur Elementary

Kidz Ink V Serves:

  • N. Smyrna
  • Clayton
  • Smyrna Elementary
  • Sunny Side Elementary
  • Providence Creek Academy